McMinn County Tennessee

The above map shows the census districts of McMinn County in the 1900 census

McMinn County has six larger towns: Riceville, Niota, Calhoun, Englewood, Etowah and Athens with Athens being the largest. We also have several smaller communitites.

These smaller communities had their own post office designations until the post office was removed and the mail routes added to the bigger towns. Up until about 1995 these rural routes were delivered. Starting about that time the county set up a 911 system and the mail went to a system of delivering to county road numbers.

Athens the current county seat has not always been the county seat. The first county seat in the early 1800's was Calhoun. Then it was moved to "Pumpkin Town", which was then renamed to "Athens".

Athens, since it's renaming and change in status, has had three couthouses. The first was a small log building.

This is the second of the three courthouses Athens has been host to. This courthouse burned in a fire in November 1964.

The above picture was made by Calvin L Beale in April 1971 and was scanned into the Economic Research Service US Dept of Agriculture govenment County Courthouse site October 1999. We have asked permission for this picture to appear on our website.

Look closely and you can see we still had parking meters and a Woolworth's department store. I miss the store but not the parking meters!

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